Landscaping/Campus Beautification

Please join us for the next campus beautification event on Sunday, Dec 17 at 3:30 pm.  Bring gloves and meet on the playground.

The PTA, in keeping with its dual missions of funding and organizing, provides a substantial amount of resources for improving the look of the school.  Throughout the year, the landscaping committee plans a variety of projects to beautify the campus, including weeding, trimming, planting, painting, and building.   There is always a need for parents and kids to volunteer to help.

Drainage Project

Over the next couple months, the PTA is planning a large project to fix the drainage problems afflicting the playground, some of the sidewalks, and the soccer field.

The goal will be to eliminate standing water (Kinder Pond and Lake Mills) that occasionally prevents kids from having full access to the playground for days after a rainstorm.  Another goal will be to reduce the erosion near the playground, and the exposed rocks and ruts that present some amount of risk to the kids running pell mell and just having fun.   Finally, the PTA hopes to someday improve the surface of the soccer field, but rain storms continue to kill the grass and create washouts on the field.

A subcommittee has created a construction plan to address these problems, and will be planning a series of opportunities for volunteers to make it all happen.

The PTA has committed $6000 to buy materials and rent equipment, but without a few dozen strong bodies, we won’t be able to get it done.  We really need lots of people to pitch in.  Here is a rough breakdown of tasks, and some tentative dates.

  • Planning final design details November 30

  • Digging base for retaining wall December 3

  • Building retaining walls December 10

  • Dig swales and move dirt December 17

  • Pour concrete portion of swales January 6

  • Lay sodded portion of swales Late January

We are currently looking for more people with skills, experience, or wisdom related to landscape design, concrete work, and construction management; please contact Mike Fair.

Before starting on the work, we’d like to hear feedback from parents and kids regarding the current drainage problems or the proposed solutions.   There will be an open house at the playground on Tuesday November 28 where we can poke around and discuss how we can make the east side of the campus better.

Other initiatives

Now that the Texas drought has faded, there is an increased ability to care for more plantings around campus.  Everyone would appreciate having more trees to stand under, and more flowering bushes to admire.  The PTA has resources for a small number of tree, bushes, and flowers, assuming that parent volunteers will be available to do the work of installation and watering, and even design!  Bask Alaru has started putting together some design ideas and species selections, with some help from the AISD forester. Please let us know if you are interested in being a part of this investment that will literally grow over the next decade or two.

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