Landscaping/Campus Beautification

Each corner of the Mills campus gets used everyday:  kids running around the playground, parents waving goodbye near the gardens, and teachers sitting under a shade tree.   It is a wonderful campus, and it serves us all very well.  It’s also a big canvas on which we can paint a colorful backdrop of memories for our kids. 

This year, there will be lots more little beautification projects, and hopefully one or two big ones as well.  Everything from planting flowers and trimming trees, to adding benches and fixing drainage.

It is the kids and parents who enjoy and improve the grounds of Mills Elementary.  The school district maintains the building and grounds in the most basic sense, but they are not able to stay ahead of many of the common landscaping tasks.  More importantly, the people who care most about the school’s appearance are those of us who walk up to the door every morning, or run around the playground everyday, or drive by every evening.  The PTA, in keeping with its dual missions of funding and organizing, provides a substantial amount of resources for improving the look of the school.  Of course, the most difficult resource to obtain is labor, but Mills parents (and kids) provide plenty of creativity and energy to accomplish our beautification goals.

During the fall of 2017, we’ll have landscape workdays at various times with diverse projects.  Please check your calendar to see if you can contribute on one of these days:

Sun 09/17 3:30 PM
Sat 09/23 10:00 AM
Sun 10/15 3:30 PM
Sat 10/28 10:00 AM
Sun 11/12 3:30 PM
Tue 11/28 5:00 PM
Sun 12/17 3:30 PM

During the spring of 2017, many parents, teachers, and kids helped raise three murals.  Maggie DeSart designed a set of five beautiful paintings to beautify the portables.  They have been painted on plywood to allow for future relocation or maintenance, and three have been completed so far.

The topography of the Mills campus creates some challenges related to drainage and erosion.   Much of the volunteer work has been related to retaining walls and other similar construction tasks. Hopefully these projects will hold up to more than a few years of exposure to weather and climbing.  For many parents and kids, the work has been a fun way to learn some new and handy skills.

Everyone likes to sit in the shade, unless it’s cold outside!  The PTA periodically adds more benches and tables to the campus.  Let us know if a bench needs replacing or fixing, or if your favorite hang out location lacks a place to sit.

Now that the Texas drought has faded, there is an increased ability to care for more plantings around campus.  Everyone would appreciate having more trees to stand under, and more flowering bushes to admire.  The PTA has resources for a small number of tree, bushes, and flowers, assuming that parent volunteers will be available to do the work of installation and watering, and even design!  Please let us know if you are interested!

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