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PTA School Directory

Mills “MySchoolAnywhere” Directory

Enter your contact information in the Mills “MySchoolAnywhere” Directory now!

Follow this direct link:

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Directory

1. Who is the directory for, and what is its purpose?

The directory is an annual service provided by Mills PTA for the families of Mills Elementary School. Its purpose is for families to easily connect with one another for things like playdates, classroom parties, homework questions, and similar.

2. Who has access to the directory?

The families who put their contact information into the directory are the only ones who have access. No one else will have access to the directory. If you do not contribute your contact information (at least an e­mail address), we will not be able to grant you access.

3. My family was listed in the directory last year. Do I need to input all that information again?

NO! You should have received an e­mail asking you to confirm your information from last year or update it if necessary; there should be no need to create a new listing. If your family is new to Mills, you will need to create a new listing with this link:

4. What if I don’t want to have a listing in the directory?

AISD requires parents to “opt in” to school directories. Your information will ONLY be listed in the directory if you create a new listing or confirm a former listing THIS YEAR. You can choose exactly what contact information you wish to have displayed.

5. Is it secure?

Yes. We cross-­check with the Mills office staff to make sure everyone listed is actually a current student at Mills before giving them access. Once your listing has been confirmed, you will get an email that will give you secure access to the directory that you can access from any device that has Internet access.  And, don’t forget there’s a FREE MySchoolAnywhere app too.

6. Who should I contact if I have questions or concerns about the Directory?

Please e­mail Chris Nelson at

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