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The communication committee is chaired by Chris Nelson. Chris can be reached at

The following methods of communication are available to the Mills community and supported by the Mills PTA Communications Committee:

Mills Messenger: Weekly e-mailed newsletter. How to sign up: This is our e-mail-only newsletter. The Messenger generally goes out once a week and contains mostly school-related information. Sometimes Special Messengers are sent out if a correction needs to be made, or if news can’t wait. Submissions for the Messenger should be received via by noon on Friday.

Mills PTA website:  Has general school information (lunch menus, PTA committee pages, school calendar, etc.) Submissions for the website should be received via by noon on Friday.

Mills (AISD) website: Direct line of communication between the principal, the district, and parents.

Mills Calendar:  Our calendar is always available on the website:, but you can also add our calendar to your Google calendar. It can be toggled on or off at anytime from your personal Google calendar if it’s too cluttered.

Room Contact Parents:  Receive information from Grade Level Coordinators (GLCs) for distribution to classroom contacts. This is limited to very important and or very time-sensitive information, or information that only concerns some of the classes, because we try not to burden the GLC/RCP list with information that can go out via other channels. We will generally not duplicate information that can be sent out via Messenger to the RCPs. GLCs will only distribute information they get directly from the Communications Chair.

Facebook: A closed and moderated group. Anyone who is a member can start a topic or comment on a topic. We post Mills events here, but this is also a good place for community activities, AISD news, general topics of interest to other Mills parents. Inappropriate commentary is removed. Feel free to post on the Facebook page without conferring with Communications Chair first.

Twitter: @MillsPTA. Moderated and mostly used for timely reminders about impending events. Follow us or post.

Bulletin Board: in entry hallway across from office.

Online Weekly Folder:  Discontinued

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